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Qlik Sense Mobile + Qlik Alerting

All in one product. Customize for your business.

Discover user experience and get actionable insights
on your Qlik Sense Mobile environment

Qlik Sense Mobile
Qlik Alerting

All in one product.
Customize for your business.

Discover user experience and get actionable insights
on your Qlik Sense Mobile environment

Mobile Business Intelligence

Mobility in business intelligence is becoming more incorporated into BI solutions year over year. The trend has become one of the most prominent emerging trends in business intelligence. The first major benefit is the ability for end users to access information on the go using BI systems at any time and any location. This enables them to get data and analytics in ‘real time’, which improves their daily operations and means they can react more quickly to a wider range of events.

According to Qlik, Mobility has become a core requirement for companies looking to gain competitive advantage in the information economy. Many workers rely almost completely on mobile devices to get the answers they need to serve customers and better manage operations.

Our application runs on Qlik Sense environment on iOS & Android platforms with native user experience. As UponBI team, we have been working solely on Business Intelligence for 15+ years and have been actively involved in many Business Intelligence projects. While designing the user interface and experience of the product, we have determined the end user requests from past projects as our top priority. We aim to increase data literacy and qlik certification with higher user acceptance.

Qlik Sense Mobile
Qlik Alerting & Notifications
Simply & Quickly Customize


With the current demand for enterprise mobile apps exponentially rising, most of the organizations are evaluating pre-packaged mobile applications to meet this growing demand. However most of the commercially available pre-packaged mobile apps are generic in nature, meaning they fail to meet the diverse requirements of each and every organization. This in turn creates a need for a platform that gives them the ability to quickly fine tune the pre-packaged app to meet business requirements.

From a business stand point, it becomes a costly proposition for companies to embark on customization as organizations need to spend significant amount of money to hire resources to work on the customization and above all the time that needs to be spent on such efforts. This is because, customization mostly involves coding efforts that can even run into several days and weeks, based on the features that they want to add or the screens that they want to customize.


Enhanced User Experience
Increase adoption on Qlik Sense Mobile with experience oriented design which gives the ability to access the analysis anytime and anywhere.

Native Functionality
All features have native iOS or Android functionality. Use power of native Qlik Sense mobile experience with slide and touch interactions.

Smart Filters
Smart Filters designed to deliver best in class experience considering various Business Cases & Requirements.

Favorite Charts
Favorite charts boost experience to gain competitive advantage. Pin your favorite charts with filters and combine analysis in one screen.

Next generation of mobility requires access to data efficiently. User based alerts and notifications creates a truly data-driven enterprise with actionable insights. Qlik Alerting.

Share Content
Align with colleagues and their analysis by making discoveries, easily collaborating and taking action with data anywhere and anytime.

Why Choose Us

Our platform provides following benefits in addition to the technical features inside the product. In addition, we are providing more than a kind of web browser application. You can download on Apple Store or Play Store to discover more.


Single app access is for free. Fill in the “Get free access” form in the Uponbi app. All QlikSense users in your organization can use the same license key.

Zero Footprint

No installation requirement on QlikSense Servers. Full feature runs in the UponBI application.

Custom Layouts

Customize layouts using in-app editors and our provided templates. You can easily share custom layouts with colleagues or admin can do it.

Data Security

All features run inside the UponBI app. There is no further need to transfer data outside organization.


Set alerts on your KPIs and be notified when it reaches the target you set. User based alerts and notifications creates a truly data-driven enterprise.

No Migration Cost

There is no extra migration work. QlikSense migrations are transparent to the application.


You can pin your favorite charts from several apps with applied filters and combine in one screen. No need to view multiple apps one by one anymore.

Easy Deployment

Deploy using AppStores or EMM like Mobile Iron or Air Watch. Deployment is fast, secure and easy.


To get free Single App access key, please open your favorite Qlik Sense app on any browser and copy the link. Once you send the link to us, we will generate a free key for you. If you prefer to use free key, we strongly recommend you to collect your critical Dimensions and KPI’s in one app and then share the link with us.

Single App Access
Custom Layouts
Native Charts
Native Interactions
Share Content
Instant Ad-hocs
Additional Features
Unlimited Access
Real time Alerting
Customization of Home
Customization of Theme
Technical Support




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